Is Noynoy sick in the head?

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noynoy_aquino1It’s been the topic of radio shows and columns the past weekend, and it wont stop even with the supposed examining doctor denying the existence of a psychiatric report saying Noynoy Aquino had a history of mental illness.
Well, if you haven’t read the “report”, here are some portions of it, copied from a copy pasted on Noynoy’s blog.

A second part is seen here, also copied from a copy pasted on Noynoy’s blog.

Now, if you want to see how the supposed examining unit views this report, the Ateneo de Manila University Loyola Schools has this statement on its website.

Having pointed out all the references, I think it is but proper for everyone to make his/her own individual assessment of what these things mean when connected with Philippine politics. Let’s talk about that here.

What Danny B. Villar’s DEATH CERTIFICATE reveals

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1. It is NOT TRUE that Danny died because they were poor and could not afford proper health care. The stated residence in Danny’s death certificate was the San Rafael Village property.

2. The BIG LIE is further proved by the fact that Danny stayed 13 days at the FEU (Far Eastern University) Hospital where he expired at age 3 years and 8 months. If they were really poor, the PGH (Philippine General Hospital) would have been the affordable hospital to bring Danny. He was definitely given proper health care. FEU Hospital was one of the top hospitals in 1962, before the establishment of the Makati Medical Center and St. Luke’s Hospital.

3. Danny died from CARDIAC and RESPIRATORY FAILURE resulting from COMPLICATIONS OF LEUKEMIA. In 1962, there was no bone marrow transplantation and chemotherapy yet and everyone whether rich or poor died from contracting leukemia.

4. Upon Danny’s death, his remains were turned over to LA FUNERARIA PAZ ? then, until now, considered one of the top two mortuaries (Funeraria Nacional, the other). This further disproved Manny Villar?s claim that Danny died because they did not have the money to take care of him.

When Iggy Arroyo was seen as having taken the Jose Pidal rap for his elder brother Mike, many folks felt that it was rather low of Mike Arroyo to place his younger brother at risk. Our culture expects the older brother to protect the younger brother.

In that regard, we can consider Manny Villar as having done worse than Mike Arroyo. At least, Iggy Arroyo was alive and kicking and he could have opted to stay out of the Jose Pidal controversy. But in the case of Manny and Danny Villar, Danny was used to promote a myth when Danny was in no position to agree to his elder brother Manny?s portrayal of his death.

With the propagation of this ONCE POOR fantasy, don?t you think that Manny Villar also desecrated the memory and honor of his parents who strove to be able to provide their children quality education and an upper class domicile?

If Manny Villar can lie and use his dead younger brother like this, what makes you think that he will really improve and not worsen your life? What makes you think that he is not as greedy as he is being charged in this presidential campaign? What makes you think that you can trust Manny Villar?

How Manny Villar lied and used the death of his brother Danny

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Reprinted from:
By William M. Esposo
The Philippine Star

Nakaranas na ba kayong … mamatayan ng kapatid dahil wala kang pera pangpagamot (Have you experienced losing a brother because you did not have the money to provide him proper medical care)? Manny Villar asked in his PANATA (Advocacy) TV commercial. Villar was referring to his younger brother Danny who passed away in October 1962. In the same commercial, Villar’s 1962 photo with his younger brother was shown.

This portrayal of being poor once upon a time is a fantasy which comes in a series of similar attempts by Villar to create empathy with the nearly 90% of voters who belong to the socio-economic classes D and E. However, this particular attempt to use his late brother Danny to further his political ambition showed that Villar is as capable of lying just like Madame Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA).

Two public documents – the death certificate of Danny B. Villar and the Transfer Certificate of Title (TCT number: 135396/3194) of the 560 square meter property in the upper class San Rafael Village of Navotas where the Villars had lived when Danny died shattered this ONCE POOR fantasy that Villar has been peddling.

What the San Rafael Village TCT presents:

1. Before 1962, the Villars bought 560 square meters (SQM) of high valued real estate on Bernardo Street in San Rafael Village where the more affluent folks in the Tondo-Navotas area resided.

2. The DEATH CERTIFICATE of the deceased Danny B. Villar established that they were already residing there in 1962.

3. Based on 2009 prices, the P16,000 GSIS (Government Service Insurance System) mortgage mentioned in the TCT – not necessarily the total cost of the two 280 SQM lots – is now the equivalent of P1,140,000.00. Poor people today cannot even borrow P200,000. Those who are familiar with the subdivision say that the cost per SQM in San Rafael Village today would be around P10,000 per SQM or an equivalent of around P5,600,000 for the entire property.

4. Jun Borres, the present owner who is using the 560 SQM property as offices of his firm, Jumbo Fishing, stated that when they bought it in 1987 – it had a one and a half floor house. The ground floor was made of concrete while the upstairs was made of wood. This was typical upper middle class and upper class dwelling in the 1960s.

Implications of the San Rafael Village ownership

1. Together with established Manny Villar bio information, they could not have been dirt poor to be able to move to San Rafael Village before 1962. His mother was a seafood (shrimp, crab and fish) dealer in Divisoria Market, not a fish vendor as what Villar tries to project. A seafood dealer supplies the vendors. For a family of 11, they ate canned corned beef – which Manny Villar admitted on his earlier TV ad. His father was a government official, said to be a Budget Officer of the then DANR (Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources) under which was the Fisheries Bureau. Manny Villar studied in private schools – the Holy Child Catholic School for elementary and Mapua Institute of Technology for High School. Poor folks send their kids to public schools.

2. Villar’s parents must have had a sizeable combined income to be able to buy the San Rafael Village property. The 560 SQM size demonstrates their financial capacity. If they could, poor people buy lots sized less than 100 SQMs. Villar’s father must also be making a sizeable income from the government to be able to borrow P16,000 from the GSIS. In 1962, senior executives in big corporations made monthly salaries of about P2,000.
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After floods, El Nino. Now, dams almost at critical level

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If we had taken care of our forests long ago, we would still have rivers flowing from the mountains of the Cordilleras, the Caraballos, and the Sierra Madre Mountains on Luzon. Now, the watershed areas are drying up because of El Nino which started early in November last year. And soon, the dams will no longer have enough water for us to drink. We’ll need to get back to our own deep wells to get water. What happens then?
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Villar – is he trying to buy the presidency?

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Fact: Villar has been spending a minimum of P10M a day for his TV spots in the past five months! That’s a total of P1.5B already – and that’s not counting his expenses for radio, nor what he paid for Dolphy, Willie Revillame, and now Manny Pacquiao to endorse him. They say his budget for the whole campaign is some P20B – all for a job that pays not even a million pesos a year!

But he is the good businessman, as he always has been. And he knows where and how to get his return on investment, maybe double or triple his money in six years to, say, P20 billion?

Where does he get that?

Well, the total estimated budget of the government for the next six years is P10 trillion, with about P1 trillion as discretionary funds. If Villar makes “sipag at tyaga” on the P1 trillion at 2o%, that’s P200 billion, on an investment of P20 billion. Not bad. Villar is indeed a smart businessman.

What is the impact of that “kickback” on our  economic and our public wellbeing?

P200 billion can pay for 40,000 classrooms in our public schools. It can also create a micro-lending fund that can lead to a generation of some 3.2 million new jobs.

This may be old news but it describes the doings of Sen. Villar now and “in times of old”.  Time has gone by but isn’t he the same guy with the same old bag of tricks?

Can you imagine the tricks raining on us and for which we will all have to pay if he becomes the next President?

Or we should just watch him do the explaining in the next six years to make us understand how he got to amass huge billions in money and real estate from the time he first entered government up to the time he now sits in the senate. Because that’s almost sure. In the six years that he stays in Malacanang, every single day will be spent in explaining these billions, and defending himself from attacks of impropriety and unethical decisions made ever since.
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